Environmental Studies

  • Me And My Environment

    Me And My Environment

    Book 1
    Pages : 112
    Size 8.5" x 11.00"

    ISBN 978-81-7010-407-0

    Rs. 190.00

  • Me And My Environment

    Me And My Environment

    Book 2
    Pages : 124
    Size 8.5" x 11.00"

    ISBN 978-81-7010-408-7

    Rs. 195.00

  • The Author

    Rupa Gupta is a writer, editor, journalist, and also a former teacher. She has been involved with children's writing for 30 years and has written over 40 books for young people of different age groups. Her books include both textbooks as well as fiction. Some of her books have won national awards.

  • Consulting Editors

    Nilima Dayal has teaching experience of nearly 30 years. She has taught Social Studies at Sishya, Chennai, St. Thomas School, Kidderpore, Kolkata and The Frank Anthony Public School, New Delhi.

    Ritu Singh was educated at St. Mary's Convent, Nainital and La Martiniere Girls College, Lucknow. She has a Post Graduate in Arts. She taught at Bluebells School, New Delhi for 7 years.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Simple Information in easy language, suitable for the age group.

    • Each new information is substantiated with a related activity.

    • The contents have been specially designed to help the child develop an 'inter-related understanding' of the world around her/him. That is why instead of separate topics, the focus of the book is on 'themes' encompassing every aspect of the child's natural, social and cultural environment.

    • A number of games, quizzes, puzzles and amazing facts are included in both books making the process of learning a joyful experience and to encourage the do-and-learn concept.

    • As per the requirement of the NCERT syllabus of 2005 and also incorporating continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) pattern initiated by CBSE. It also covers the syllabus of Anglo-Indian Board of Education for Primary Classes (ICSE). The lessons have been created keeping in mind the need to sensitize children to those who are different from them, whether physically, socially, economically or culturally.

    • Attempt has also been made to present stories that will help children to inculcate positive values.

    • The child friendly illustrations and layout are designed to inspire and arouse the child's sensitivity.